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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Home for handicapped foundation

The whole story was started from loving and caring for dogs and cats of K.Sataporn Diphaa (formerly known as Renu Junsukhon). She saw many cases of injured dogs that were hit by cars and were left to suffer and die. She had also seen so many cases which dogs were subjected to abuse and to cruelty by human.

K.Sataporn with her family had continually given help and care to these animals since 1981. These recovered animals becoming her pets and, of course, being one of her family. Rapidly growing number of these animals make her house becoming crowded and her neighbors becoming unpleasant due to noise and smell. She had also met financial difficulties keeping up these animals. Finally, she moved her place to the suburbs with her animals which named “Baan Songkrosatpikarn” (Home for Handicapped Animals).

In the year 1989 K.Chuanchun Komalakul na nakorn (Yangyuen) had known the story of “Baan Songkrosatpikarn” and came to visit this place. She also intended to patronize this place. She gave a piece of land about 200 tarangwa in Banmai District, Pakkred Nonthaburi. Moreover, She had given the permanent building later in 1990.

Later in the year 1993, Luangta Mahabua Yannasampanno from Watpa Bantaad District Udonthani had come to visit “Baan Songkrosatpikarn” and realized difficulties and obstacles of keeping these animals alive. Luangta Mahabua had decided to purchase nearby a piece of land about 1 Rai for expansion and had given the office building which used as the Foundation and named it “ Home for Handicapped Animals Foundation within Luangta Mahabua’s Patronize” since today.

Nowadays, Foundation has provided help and care to all kinds of animals such as dogs, cats, monkeys, turtles and other kinds of handicapped animals. Especially, foundation has more than 700-800 dogs and 100 cats living in here. The main objective of the foundation is to provide help and care to a handicapped or an injured animal which unable to help itself or having no owner to take care. Foundation has also provide medical care, houses and living area to these animals which being kindly supported by animal doctors, staff and volunteers.

Project "Following the King 's Steps"
In following the King’s way of living kindness to the street dogs, the Foundation would like to ask people to give love and warmth to the street dogs by letting the street dogs to be a member of your family. This will also decrease the social problem arising from the stray dogs that are frowned upon by certain people.

Project "Adopting an Animal"
This Project encourages people to adopt an animal from the foundation. There many animals requiring help consisting of basic necessity like medicine and food. This project not only gives a chance for the animal to survive but also very rewarding from the viewpoint of the foster parent when love, loyalty and friendship are being reciprocated from the dog.

Project: "One Baht a day to prolong lives of dogs and cats"
To raise the fund for adequate foods for animals including the health care and medical treatment of sick animals. The foundation, therefore, launched a project to raise the fund called “One Baht a day to prolong lives of dogs and cats” from the animal lovers in order to upgrade the living conditions of those animals.

Project: "Home for injured animals"
Each day, more and more animals come to the Home for Handicapped Animals Foundation. The animals have gone thru a traumatic, distraught and abused life. The Foundation is constantly shorthanded and is faced with funds shortage that is required to purchase basic items for the sick animals. The Foundation is in urgent need of the public 's donation to help make their lives less painful and sustain the livelihood of the sick animals.

HOME FOR HANDICAPPED ANIMALS FOUNDATION (Under the auspices of Luang Ta Maha Bua)
15/1 Moo 1 Soi Pramaemahakarun, Tiwanon Rd., Banmai, Pakkred, Nonthaburi, Thailand 11120
Tel. 66 0-2584-4896, 66 0-2961-5625 Fax 66 0-2961-5305

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